Seventeenth Watches company watch
Grab your classy watch here.

I’ll admit. I’ve never been one to wear watches. Not since the late 90s. Because I didn’t need a watch – my phone did a great job at telling me the time.

But a year or two ago something hit me. I started shopping for better clothes to wear out. Because this thing, dress like the person you want to be.

I’d have all these nice clothes to wear, but my outfits looked ‘naked’.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

A little birdie told me to get a watch to compliment my ‘fits. So I did my due diligence and searched the ‘Net.

Meh. Nothing really caught my eye.

Sike, I lied. I liked a few watches, but I wasn’t ready to drop $300+ on one!

On twitter, I discovered this small watch company, owned by a fellow Vet and THE spot for minimalist watches.

Nice combo. PLUS the watches give off an elegant, classy style. That’s something I’m trying to be on right now in my life.

I slide onto his website to check it out more. And to my surprise these watches not only look like royalty, they’re priced very reasonable.

You mean I can buy an expensive-looking watch for less than $150? Hell yeah! I liked the watch so much, I bought my husband one too. He wears it just as much.

It even feels high-quality. I’ve been having this watch for nearly a year now and I still like it. The ONLY con is the size of the face on this watch for my wrist. I have a small wrist, so it’s like the same width lol. But I knew that before I ordered it, so is it REALLY a con? lol… I’m willing to put up with it because I hate skinny watches made for women and I really like the big faces.

So why should you buy this watch? Because it looks good with any of your outfits and you won’t go broke doing it.

Check out Chris’s company website, Seventeenth Watches. Buy a watch for you and your s/o.

Below are a few of Seventeenth watches. Click the link in each image to buy one (or two). >>>